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For your own safety, we urge you not to participate in our running activities unless you are sufficiently physically fit and not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that could affect your health.

You must agree to the following conditions before participating in today’s run or any further runs sponsored byThe Irish Snug’s Running Club.

I understand that my participation in today’s run and any further run is strictly voluntary on my part.

I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for any injuries that I may suffer while participating in the running activities of The Irish Snug’s Running Club.

If I am injured while participating in the running activities, I agree to release and hold harmless the owner’s, management, staff and employees of The Irish Snug Pub and Restaurant from any liability or responsibility in connection with my injuries.

I agree to the above conditions as a prerequisite to participating in the running activities of The Irish Snug Running Club.


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